What is AutoSanity?
The AutoSanity website was born, after one misguided fool's obsession, created a database of car information. It then occured to that same fool, that this data might be useful to others, and he started collating more, and this has now materialised into a website, still in progress. I hope this site is the first to make responsible motoring a reality, as my site is not full of exaggerations and misleading information. It is full of facts, and educated estimates, that provide real world advice for making the right choice in your next car purchase. I also enjoy writing articles, which I hope are of interest.

When I contemplated an electric car, and first started reading about green cars, some of the information did not make sense to me. So I did more, and more research, until I felt confident I had the right information, to make informed decisions on car choices. I have owned numerous luxury/performance cars, and I use my and research to create more accurate cost comparisons, which include all the running costs you would not normally think about, as well as an estimate of the cost for the things that will most likely go wrong on a given model of car, and cost you dearly.

I are not trying to sell you a car, I are not trying to win voters in an election, and I are not trying to make myself feel superior and important. I just want you to make the right decision, save some money, and hopefully help the environment as you do it. You may like my site, you may not. You might even feel compelled to offer some debate on one of the articles, or some of the data, in which case please get in touch; I will be the first to change an article, or remove it, if I have been found to be mis-informing people or have published a mistake.

Over and above everything else, I hope you enjoy cars and learning about them as much as I do! 2018
Making sense of responsible motoring