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Choosing a car can be a very personal exersise, as everyone has a unique idea about the relationship of how practicality, style, running costs, purchase price and green credentials, all affect their purchase. Unfortunately we cannot help you with your personal taste in style, or how practical you want a car to be. However when it comes to running costs, or green credientials, we are here to provide you with data you will not find anywhere else.

We have analysed data on the purchase cost, servicing, tyres, wiper blades, clutch replacement, battery replacement, and just about anything we can think of that will infuence the running cost of a given car. This has enabled us to provide comparable figures to show a true refection of what a given car might cost you. You might find a car is much more affordable that you had first thought. Or you may be shocked to find out, just how high the true ownership cost is.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The only thing we have deliberatly excluded from our figures is an owners car insurance, which can vary wildly due a person's age, claims history, and the area they live in. We therefore recommend you get your own insurance quotes while considering your options.
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