Is the elecric car really saving the earth? What are the benefits of electric cars, and what are the disadvantages?. In this article we explore this issue with some interesting conclusions. read here
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Written 16th August 2018
if you want to help the environment, there are lots of excellent brand new cars available. But buying a used car can be equally as kind, if not sometimes kinder, to the environment. Find out why. read here
Written 15th August 2018 2018
Making sense of responsible motoring
The whitterings of a fool
But some of it might be interesting?
The modern luxury car is bristling with technology, and if you have an older model, you might feel as though you are driving a dinosaur. But if you love your old car, or cannot afford to trade up, you can always modify your car... read here
Written 4th September 2018
Did you know the car is only a minor contributor to CO2?... but what else is coming out of your tailpipe and why is it harmful?... read here
Written 13th September 2018
We all know Diesel is in the dog house, and we all hear Electric cars being promoted too. But which really is the cleanest fuel for our environment?.... read here
Written 29th October 2018